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Ashstorm | SOL | Application by Pochikohaku Ashstorm | SOL | Application by Pochikohaku
Seekers of Light RP belongs to Neonluminosityx

Warriors belongs to Eric Hunter

What You can bring to the group: Um, I'd like to say I'm fairly organized and can be a good idea wall (where you basically just throw your ideas at someone just for the sake of feedback). I wouldn't mind doing the menial or tedious things when it comes to sectionalizing the group, like updating member lists and names.

Why you would like to be a admin: I think I'd just enjoy the experience, plus it's a chance at remembering and reliving parts of my childhood. 
Any experience you've had with being a admin: I have, actually, just not on deviant art. I started on and have been a moderator for 14 or so different Warriors RPG's for roughly two years. I'm a quick study, so I'm sure deviantart won't be that hard to master


Name: Ashstorm
    Ash- due to her pelt color and pattern
    storm- due to her ability to track "through nearly any storm"
Gender: Female
Clan: Sky Clan

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Age (in moons): 23
Mentor/past mentor: :bulletwhite::bulletorange::bulletblue:Haretail


{Over-protective}- Ashstorm is highly protective of her fellow clanmates. Any enemy wanting to do them harm would have to get through one angry little she-cat first. She will put all her clanmates lives before hers. Therefore, she is a touch fiery under any insult to her clan. This aspect of her nature often leads her into danger, especially when the fighting breaks out. Ashstorm will forgo her better judgement. She will not hesitate to take on any enemy larger or more powerful than herself if need be.
{Dutiful/Loyal}- Ashstorm's first priority is her Star Clan, her close second is to Sky Clan. She has and will continue to be loyal to her clan. Ashstorm follows the warrior code to the T. She will go to great lengths to secure the well-being of her clan (within the bounds of the code)
{Wary}- It takes Ashstorm a long while to trust a new face, especially of another clan. Her caution usually results in a slow uptake to action as well as a thorough check into the reliability and character of each cat. Only upon visual proof of trustworthiness will Ashstorm even begin to listen to what another has to say. 
{Reliable}- If she says that she'll be there to back you up, she'll be there.
{Open-Minded (kinda)}- Ashstorm tries her best to be as open-minded as possible with the other clans... She does, however, have a one strike policy. (continued below)
{Unsympathetic/Unforgiving}- If you trick her or mislead her, you won't get another chance. Ashstorm does not forgive and she does not forget... She is also very difficult to sway emotionally. Unless a situation could potentially negatively harm her clan (ie. the invasion of Dark Clan onto a neighboring territory), Ashstorm is hard to spur into action. 
{Serious/Tense}- The she-cat has grown much more stern and serious in her time as a warrior. gone is the care-free apprentice, replaced by this. Many of her clanmates have told her that she needs to loosen up.
{Respectful}- Ashstorm does her best to control her tongue around her elders and betters. 
{Dense/Blind}- Blind not in the literal sense. Though she's grown up quite a bit since her moons as a kit and apprentice, Ashstorm can still be a bit... thick. She finds sarcasm hard to discern and seems to ignore feats of affection (though this is purely accidental, I assure you). Not only this, but passive-aggressiveness tends to fly over her head and she isn't affected by rising tension between other parties (mostly because she doesn't notice it until it starts to drag her or her clan in as well). Lately, though, she's been trying to work through this aspect of her personality


Ashkit, Frogkit, Darkkit and Direkit were born during the end of leaffall, when the storms were just turning into a biting cold. During this time, the clans traveled continuously in search of their new home and there was little time to rest and even less to eat. Most days Ashkit and her siblings were too tired to do anything than dangle from the jaws of their parents, even after their eyes opened. When the chill really began to set in and flurries swept through the exhausted and wind-battered clan cats, Ashkit and her siblings were forced to trudge inthe heightening snow. Darkkit quickly became one of the many bodies lost beneath the blanket of white. The remaining three somehow miraculously survived until greenleaf, old enough to become apprentices.

Donning her apprentice name with more gusto than need be, Ashpaw perpetually got herself into and out of trouble. She was, all in all, an annoyance, a bouncing hyperactive tuft of silver fur to be ignored. She was a naive nuissance, innocent and blissfully ignorant of death. It was green leaf, afterall, the days were more or less mellow during their continued travels, their bellies more or less satisfied. She shirked her apprentice duties and lessons as much as possible, determined to learn things on her own accord... Needless to say, both Frogpaw (foot) and Direpaw (pelt) became warriors before her. Though disappointed, Ashpaw didn't mind too much, instead she turned her focus back onto her studies. As she neared to what she knew was the end of her apprenticeship, greencough dug its claws into the vagabond clan cats. Ashpaw quickly lost her ignorance, as she watched both her newly warrior-made sister, Frogfoot, and her mother, Silvertail, waste away. Shocked into adulthood, the now quiet apprentice honed in on her lessons, remorse and regret churning in her gut... The thought that all her mother would remember of Ashpaw was the slacker and the thought that her beautiful sister, full of potential, was stolen from her would not leave her until Ashpaw gained her warrior name.

Ashstorm emerged 14 moons into her life. She did all she could to better the lives of her clanmates, the deaths of her mother and sister still lingering in her mind. She grew-up. She continually strives to show her worth to her clan, hunting, fighting, and tracking her way back from out of the shadows. She began to enjoy protecting others, making it her personal duty to uphold the well-being of her clan to the best of her ability (which at the time wasn't all that great, but she was still in-experienced). 4 moons later, the clans seemed to have finally settled down... not even a moon after that, Thunderclan attacked** with seemingly no rhyme or reason. In that fight, Ashstorm lost her father, Frostpelt. This time, Ashstorm was relatively unaffected, as her father ignored both her and her brother after his mate died 7 moons ago. She was, however, pleasantly surprised by Russetwing's promotion into the role of deputy

Soon after, when Hailstar was cut down and Russetstar rose into the status of leader, Ashstorm was selected to be deputy at 22 moons of age. 

**- reference to the same fight in Russetstar's history

Speed: 5/10
    She's not slow, but she's not exactly a wind clan worthy cat. Ashstorm, less speedy than the average Sky Clan cat, understands that she's at a disadvantage when it comes to outrunning her opponent

Attack: 5/10
    Definitely not the worst...  room for improvement though.

Endurance: 6/10
    She can last more than the average joe in a battle or in travel, however upon a few well placed blows (thanks to her smaller  frame) Ashstorm knows that it's best to leave (if she actually will is a whole other question)

Tactical: 5/10
    Her strategies can be a little rusty, but it seems to work out for her pretty well...

Defense: 8/10
    Almost awe worthy; due to her protective nature over her clan mates, Ashstorm has developed a wicked defense and will use it to come to the aid of any friend or ally in need.

Hunting: 6/10
    Better than average at hunting, Ashstorm is aided by her spotted pelt which helps her blend in with the shadows... except on the most sunny of days. Therefore, Ashstorm prefers to take the dusk or dawn patrol when the silhouettes are long and there is ample room for stealth.

Climbing: 7/10 
    As a Sky Clan cat, Ashstorm has adapted into a stellar climber. Compared to her clan mates, however, Ashstorm is considered average in her adeptness in scaling terrain. 

Tracking: 10/10
    Ashstorms nose is what makes her so formidable. Rumors have it that she can sniff out a liar... it's not true, but it doesn't hurt to have such a reputation (no matter how fictitious) at your back. She has always been able to pick up on scents since she was a kit... this also had the tendency of leading the once adventurous young kit into trouble. Her nose is probably her weakest and strongest point.

Swimming: 2/10
    Ashstorm is a terrible swimmer... almost beyond words. She's much more likely to drown than not if she's thrown into a body of water. 

Herb/Plant Identification: 1/10
    Her knowledge on plants is extended only to a basic few... poppy seeds... yarrow... cat mint.... and that's about it... she doesn't even know what they do, honestly... She'll probably have to brush up on that if she becomes leader.

I believe the following is more of a quality of Ashstorm rather than a stat, therefore I've separated it a bit from the other numbers

Belief in StarClan: 9/10
    Ashstorm is a devout believer in Starclan. She would rather condemn herself to a terrifying and certain torturous death than to defy their word and break the code. Through the death of most her family, Ashstorm looked toward Starclan for guidance. She prays to them each night before sleeping, no matter how exhausted she is. She trusts them to be there for her and her clan. Her faith is near unshakable, even now.

Relationship chart:

Bullet; BlueIndifference
Bullet; GreenFriend
Bullet; PinkAttraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkCrush
Bullet; RedLove
Bullet; RedBullet; RedMate
Bullet; BlackDislike
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackHate
Bullet; PurpleWary
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleFear
Bullet; WhiteDead
Bullet; OrangeRespect
Bullet; YellowFamily


:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: Silver tail

:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: Frostpelt

:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: Darkkit
:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: Frog foot
:bulletyellow: Direpelt (NPC)

NONE (at the moment)


Likes: all furry edible creatures, tracking
Dislikes: rats, the other clans (the stereotypes of them, at least... individually, each cat isn't so bad), birds (she doesn't really enjoy the taste or the hassle, though she will tolerate them... if you ever want to get back on her good side, a nice fat rodent should do the trick.), violence between clans, badgers, foxes, snakes, your usual vermin
Fears: Large bodies of water and drowning...

Rp sample:

The she-cat sat alone, staring wistfully up into the Silverpelt, dancing above her head. The stars shone, bright and taunting, as if beckoning her to scour the skies for her lost family members and friends… She swore, if she stared hard enough, she could catch the faintest outline of her sister, striding across the great waving plain of stars, chest puffed up in pride.

Strange, wasn’t it? That her sister could seem so close, yet remain so aloof at such a distance away?

Her ears flickered upright as the wind crackled to life about her. Ashstorm turned away from the illusion of her dead sibling.

“Who is there?”

Her voice was a mix between a hiss and an indignant yowl, impossibly hushed and sharp. Her once flat fur rose, bristling in the breeze. She narrowed her golden glare, scanning her surroundings like an owl. She lifted her nose to scent the air, but the wind tossed the foreign, overpowering smell about her, mixing them up far faster than she could decipher them

“Show yourself!”


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